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Why are Gerflor's vinyl tiles and planks the best solution for your home interior?

With their wide range of head-turning designs, their reputation for durability and their resistance to water ingress and stains, meaning that they are perfectly suited to kitchens and bathrooms, Gerflor's vinyl flooring collections are guaranteed to bring style and practicality into the entire home. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles; from a simple wooden plank finish to imitation cement tiles, all our designs are carefully crafted by our team of designers. 



 Wood, mineral, colourful, plain... choose your style 

Gerflor's collections are available in a wide choice of colours and designs that imitate the authentic appearance of wood, the sober look of stone, and so on. In other words, it is easy to create a floor that combines authentic designs with the durability and ease of cleaning inherent in vinyl. Naturally warm underfoot, comfortable and resistant to heavy footfall... you can harness the modular designs of the Senso and Virtuo collections to produce a truly extraordinary floor. With daring colours, geometric patterns, original designs and highly innovative products, there is something to suit every taste. 

Lay out, install and it's ready! 

Although a professional fitter is often called in to lay the flooring, the actual installation process is frequently much easier than with other floor coverings. During a renovation, the vinyl's low thickness and highly modular design mean that you can keep your period features and restore your home's sparkle in no time at all. Our Virtuo & Senso floor coverings include the snap-together technology to guarantee a quick, easy and clean installation. Planks and tiles can simply be cut with a utility knife. All Gerflor floor coverings can also be glued down with the appropriate glue, and an adhesive version is available for some of our products. 

Made in France with love 

Gerflor's premium quality vinyl flooring is designed and manufactured in our dedicated plants in Provence, thereby guaranteeing end-to-end product traceability. Every layer is carefully prepared and developed in accordance with the highest standards using safe raw materials as part of our commitment to protect the environment, thereby ensuring that the finished product is flawless and extremely hard-wearing. 

So what is the next step? 

To start with, choose a product from our Virtuo and Senso collections on the website. You can also download brochures to help you determine which floor covering will be best suited to your needs. Where can you get the best support and guidance? Look no further than your local floor covering specialist or retailer! He or she would be delighted to advise you and answer your questions. Start your journey here with our Interior Designer. Gerflor has developed this simulation tool to help you picture what our floor coverings will look like in any room. 

Now it is down to you to draw on your imaginative streak and design your dream home! 

New Senso Premium Clic 2022 collection

A renovation or construction project? The range has been redesigned for even more practicality. On the design side, there are realistic decors with a wood or mineral look, with a variety of very trendy patterns, perfect for contemporary interiors.

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The elegance of wood with the Gerflor's quality

Bright, discreet, elegant, sober, natural... The Sunny Light decor combines the beauty of light wood with the waterproofing, durability, ease of installation and cleaning of Gerflor vinyl floors. With its shades of blond wood, the Sunny Light decor simply illuminates your spaces!

Bright wood
Sunny Light salon
Herringbone parquet, a fashionable pattern...

With its timeless pattern, herringbone parquet flooring, which is also known as Hungarian point parquet flooring, will bring a touch of style and originality to your home interior. It was one of the first parquet flooring designs to develop and spread across Europe. This type of floor requires a special installation method and used to be found exclusively in Haussmann-style apartments.

Herringbone parquet

Patterned decors : the return

Alma BW - Livingroom

The cement tile, vintage & retro !

Cement tiles were a long-time fixture in the entrances of Haussmann-style buildings.

They have survived over the years and can now be found in our home interiors. Cement tiles are making a strong comeback with their ability to give rooms a more dynamic feel, bring extra character to a room or even create a retro-styled interior. 

Carreau de ciment

An unmissable decorative trend: Terrazzo !

"Terrazzo alla Veneziana", which means "Venetian paving", is the full name of the Terrazzo that we all know today. Terrazzo's origins can be traced back to the province of Verona in northern Italy. Terrazzo was used extensively in the early 20th century (after the First World War) to decorate Venetian palaces during the Art Deco period, as well as inside private homes, before waning in popularity. 

A ceramic tile without all its disadvantages: the dream!

Are you looking for a tiled floor but without all the hassle of laying real ceramic tiles? Then we have found the solution for you, namely our imitation ceramic tile PVC floor coverings! Both quick and easy to install, they are ready and waiting for you. 

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Gastown mineral bathroom
Waxed concrete: an unmissable ultra-trendy material!

Its soft appearance, natural colour and industrial look are the hallmarks of waxed concrete! This floor covering is constantly being changed and updated with the aim of meeting consumers' expectations and keeping pace with the latest trends sweeping the interior design market. Waxed concrete floors used to be made from a concrete mixture whose finish was extremely difficult to obtain without professional help. 

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