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Cuisine - Sunny Light

All the beauty of bright wood with the Sunny Light vinyl floor covering in the Virtuo range

Natural, Scandinavian and bohemian moods, as well as stylish, sleek and modern interiors... Sunny Light is a real chameleon that will take your home interior to the next level! 


Scandinavian bohemian trend
Will it be your favourite?

The Scandinavian bohemian trend is inspired by Nordic interiors and the bohemian trend. It is embodied here by the Sunny Light decor, a light wood that brings character and softness to this interior. So, conquered?

A trendy light wood design for the entire home 

Parquet is the one floor covering that is guaranteed to bring extra style to any room! With PVC floor solutions, there is no limit to the charm of this natural inspiration, whether its exceptional impermeability in wet rooms, superior resistance to marks, wear and tear in living rooms, or perfect stain resistance in kitchens... without forgetting the simple and refined nobility of a light and bright wood pattern! 

One light wood vinyl floor covering for dozens of decorative possibilities 

So is the Sunny Light design a chameleon? Absolutely! Its elegance will support the decoration that you have chosen. Wicker, green plants, and material effects (linen or embroidery) on the cushions will bring out its bohemian side. Combine with light wood furniture, colours and geometric patterns to reveal its Scandinavian character. With clean lines and a minimalist style, your Sunny Light vinyl floor covering is the perfect match for a modern interior. Pair with black and metal to create a bright and contemporary industrial interior. A real playground for conjuring up different styles! 

With PVC, you can express your daring streak by mixing and matching designs for a contrasting look! 

An open-plan kitchen, an alcove in the living room, patio doors opening onto a loggia or veranda, a dining area, a cosy cocooning space... depending on your home and lifestyle, some areas of the home can be enhanced with a contrasting floor. The Sunny Light design will blend seamlessly with countless combinations, such as cement tiles or a geometric pattern in the dining area or kitchen, a Terrazzo design in the children's bedrooms, and mineral concrete in the bathroom. With its natural look, Sunny Light has the ability to match a wide range of tastes. 

Snap-together tiles and glue-down planks for easy fitting 

The Sunny Light design is available in the Virtuo range and offers two different installation methods: snap-together tiles and glue-down planks. The first question that you should ask yourself during fitting is an important one, i.e. which way should you lay your floor covering? Although there are exceptions (depending on the location of doors and where the natural light enters the room), a general rule of thumb is to fit your vinyl floor covering lengthwise to visually lengthen the room, and widthwise to widen narrow rooms. Logical when you think about it! 

Vinyl has its place in Scandinavian home interiors 

The Scandinavian trend features a number of criteria, such as blond-coloured wood, low units, clean lines and soft lighting. Above all, the interior should be a cosy haven of peace! Lone pile throws, thick rugs, geometrically patterned cushions... and everything else that creates a sense of inner peace in your home! 

Gino Venturelli, Artistic Director at Gerflor

"With Sunny Light, we wanted to capture the material feel of the wood and the specific tone of light wood. We wanted to reproduce the sheer elegance of this premium material, create a natural colour and propose a pattern that would match the Scandinavian interior design concept, which has been trending for the last 10 years. This is our way of contributing to a warm interior and putting pleasure into everyday life." » 

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