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Alma BW - Livingroom

The cement tile, vintage & retro !

Cement tiles were a long-time fixture in the entrances of Haussmann-style buildings.

They have survived over the years and can now be found in our home interiors. Cement tiles are making a strong comeback with their ability to give rooms a more dynamic feel, bring extra character to a room or even create a retro-styled interior. 

The history of cement tiles 

Cement tiles first appeared around 1850 in the Ardèche region of southern France. They were originally hand-made by mixing cement, water and other ingredients to create a material that was as hard as stone. Cement tiles quickly proved to be a hit on account of their aesthetic and technical properties. Due to their high level of resistance to wear and tear, they can withstand the ravages of time in spectacular fashion without losing any of their stylised designs and distinctive matt finish. Unfortunately, as the years went by, cement tiles fell out of favour and were replaced with ceramic tiles. 

The return of cement tiles 

For several years now, cement tiles have been making a strong comeback and are once again considered to be trendy. So at Gerflor, we have embraced this trend by creating imitation cement tile designs for our vinyl floor coverings. The major innovation in this case is the PVC, which allows the floor covering to be installed both quickly and easily without requiring a lot of equipment.

Our selection of cement tile-effect vinyl floors is proving to be increasingly popular, since it can add a touch of originality and character to any rooms that need livening up. 

The advantages of an imitation cement tile floor in PVC 

Imitation cement tile floors have the advantage of matching many of the trends currently sweeping the home design sector. They can be combined with other styles, whether retro, chic bohemian or natural.

PVC floors with an imitation cement tile finish can be used to create separate spaces in your rooms. For example, you could choose an imitation parquet floor for your living room / dining room and then use a cement tile-effect floor to mark out the kitchen area.

This imitation cement tile PVC floor covering is available in rolls and is widely appreciated for its waterproof properties, meaning that it can be fitted in wet areas, such as kitchens or bathrooms, and give extra character and originality to these high footfall areas. 

The characteristics of this new PVC floor

The Alma design perfectly illustrates the imitation trend and can be found in the Booster and Texline ranges of vinyl floor rolls. Elegant, unique, timeless and quintessentially authentic, it conjures up images of the great Mediterranean homes of yesteryear. Choose Alma and bring extra elegance and originality to your rooms.

Gerflor's Texline and Booster ranges of vinyl floor rolls also offer an extensive selection of designs that perfectly imitate parquet flooring, waxed concrete and natural stone. For an even more original touch, other imitation cement tile and mosaic designs are available. 

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Alma BW - Livingroom
Through the designer's eyes

To represent the cement tile trend, our designer Gino Venturelli has chosen the Alma design for its originality and elegance. This vintage and retro design will reinforce your home interior's character for an authentic and traditional look. 

This design can be mixed & matched with a more classic finish for combining different materials and thereby producing a unique contrasting effect. 



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