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Our environmental commitments for 2025

As part of our sustainable development policy, entitled "We Care / We Act", we have defined five priority commitments for 2025.

Those priorities include reducing our carbon footprint, developing the use of bio-based and recycled contents in our products, increasing the number of loose-lay solutions and setting ambitious recycling targets for our floor coverings.

20% reduction in the kg of CO2 equivalent/m² by 2025

The first commitment for 2025 involves drastically shrinking our carbon footprint, namely a 20% reduction in the kg of CO2 per m² of product (calculated according to Scopes 1 & 2 defined in the GHG Protocol).

This objective builds on our existing efforts to minimise our CO2 emissions. Note that we cut our emissions by 16% between 2016 and 2019.

Our strategy for achieving that aim involves curbing our carbon footprint at every stage in the product lifecycle by focusing our efforts on the raw materials, durability and ease of cleaning.

Gerflor environnement engagements carbone
10% bio-based content by 2025

Our bio-based solutions include DLW linoleum (98% natural), Saga cork-backed tiles and Mipolam Symbioz homogeneous floor coverings featuring plasticisers made from cereal crop residue.

We are looking to develop these solutions so that they account for 10% of our business activities by 2025.

30% recycled materials by 2025

Our floor coverings currently contain an average of 25% recycled materials. By 2025, we are determined to increase that percentage to 30%.

Recycled materials are sourced from industrial scrap, offcuts and end-of-life products, especially collected through our Second Life programme.

We guarantee that incorporating these recycled components will not affect the quality or performance of our floor coverings.

35% loose-lay products by 2025

We believe that glue-free solutions are the future for floor coverings.

In addition to increasing indoor air quality, they allow for faster and easier installation (which saves time and money).

In terms of protecting the environment, loose-lay solutions eliminate the CO2 in glue and improve end-of-life recycling by avoiding glue and levelling compound residue.

Loose-lay solutions currently account for 25% of Gerflor's sales. Our ambition is to increase that figure to 35% by 2025.

60,000 tonnes of recycled products by 2025

We are committed to recycling 60,000 tons of materials a year by 2025, compared to 50,000 tons in 2020.

How do we intend to tackle that challenge?

Through our two collection strategies:

  • Second Life:  Gerflor collects offcuts and "clean" end-of-life products (link)
  • PVC Next:  non-standard end-of-life products are re-processed (link)

A recycling plant specialising in flexible floor coverings:

  • Called "Floor To Floor", this plant can be credited to a joint investment between Gerflor and recycling leader Paprec
  • The plant sorts through the collected offcuts and transforms them into pellets, which are then reused in the composition of Gerflor's new products

Découvrez le cycle de vie de nos produits

Gerflor's commitment to protect the environment

Customers and the environment have always been the guiding light for Gerflor's teams. Our floor coverings, wall protections and finishing accessories are designed to last, make life easier for users and protect their health.


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