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Floor coverings designed to protect your health

Our products are an integral part of everyday life for millions of people everywhere, whether for sports courts, hospitals, schools, offices or public places, and even for the home. We never lose sight of our responsibility towards our users.

As such, we set ourselves the highest standards when it comes to air quality, health and the components used in our solutions.

100% REACH-compliant formulations

The European REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals) is managed by ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) and lists the chemicals affecting or suspected of affecting human health, as well as the way in which those chemicals can be used.

We guarantee our customers that our products do not contain any substances on the REACH restrictions list.

Glue-free products

With the same aim of reducing the VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds) associated with glue, we have developed an innovative range of products that can be installed without any need to use glue.

These products can be loose-laid or installed only with double-sided adhesive tape around the room's edges.

We believe that these loose-lay solutions are the future for floor coverings.

In addition to addressing the concerns for improving indoor air quality, loose-lay solutions allow for faster and easier installation (which saves time and money during fitting) and simpler recycling at the end of their life (no glue or levelling compound residue).

Gerflor reinforces its reputation as the leader in loose-lay solutions.

As early as 2000, Gerflor invented and patented loose-lay vinyl sheets with a textile backing (a Gerflor patented technology).

These products have set the gold standard when it comes to glue-free installation. Loose-lay solutions currently account for 25% of Gerflor's sales. In addition to our range of roll flooring, we also offer loose-lay and snap-together tiles and planks featuring Gerflor's patented interlocking technologies.

Embrace innovation to simplify cleaning and improve hygiene

Ensure easy cleaning

Simplifying and improving how our floor coverings are cleaned is a top priority.

Cleaning represents between 18% and 38% of the product's carbon footprint throughout its lifecycle, since it affects the amount of water, energy and cleaning agents used.

Maintenance solutions can significantly lower the cost of the product's lifecycle by shortening the time spent cleaning, cutting down on the amount of consumables used or removing the need for any self-shine treatment.

Gerflor has invested in innovation to create high-performance surface treatment processes, which are key to protecting floor coverings against stains and dirt, and making them easier to clean.

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Cut down on artificial lighting through the colour of the floor coverings

In an effort to enhance visual comfort for users and lower the amount of energy used on lighting, we have worked on improving the light reflectance value of our floor coverings and colours.

A light colour can reduce a lighting system's energy consumption by up to 60% compared to a dark colour.

With a range of light reflectance values (LRV) from 6% to 86%, Gerflor offers an extensive colour palette, enabling architects to choose the most suitable flooring according to the light conditions for each project.

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An in-house artistic department for elevating our home interiors

The Gerflor Group has always had an in-house artistic department.

The artistic team is focused on improving our users' well-being by designing moods tailored to our 10 market segments. Every year, our artistic department works alongside our customers and leading influencers on the trends that will be shaping the future.

Gerflor has produced a catalogue with over 4,000 proprietary designs.

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Improve sound and thermal insulation

Aware of just how much noise pollution can affect quality of life and comfort, especially in the housing, hospitality, healthcare and education sectors, we have developed acoustic versions of our products with a foam or cork backing that can drastically reduce the:

  • Impact sound caused by objects falling and hitting the floor
  • Footstep noise in the room

We also offer an array of specific acoustic underlay for vinyl planks and tiles.

You can always count on Gerflor

Stuck with your project? Want to ask a question or need some advice? Contact Gerflor's teams and get the best support and advice for your needs. 

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Gerflor, the best solution for your floors

The Gerflor Group designs, manufactures and markets an innovative, decorative, eco-friendly and end-to-end range of flexible floor covering solutions, including snap-together and glue-down vinyl tiles, and vinyl floor rolls, from installation to finishing, to enhance your home interior, such as floors for master bedrooms, floors for children's bedrooms, floors for kitchens and floors for bathrooms. 

Our product range meets the specific needs of each market application. Always aiming for greater inspiration, well-being, safety, performance and return on investment - Architecture, Decoration, Sport, Technospecific. 

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