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Which way should I lay my floor for the best results?

 Carefully reading the instructions below will prevent you from laying your PVC floor in the wrong direction... That's right, the laying direction is important! It can help your room look bigger or smaller. 

If you want to lay tiles or planks in a hallway or corridor, then we would advise you to lay them lengthwise / in the direction of the traffic flow. Laying the floor covering in this direction will make these high footfall areas seem larger, without necessarily feeling cramped. 


In a more traditional room such as a bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom, we would advise you to always lay your floor covering according to the main light source.

It is actually better to lay the planks perpendicular to the window offering the best exposure. In other words, to get the best results and make your room look bigger, you should lay your floor in the same direction as the main light source (in the living room, this is often a bay window).


There you go. Now you have all the key information for fitting your floor the right way and achieving the best results! Enjoy your new Gerflor floor! 

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