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How do you clean your PVC floor?

A PVC floor requires very little attention and no specific maintenance. Very resistant to shocks and scratches, it adapts to all rooms in the house. Easy, quick and simple to clean, GERFLOR PVC floors do not retain stains.

Here are our recommendations for having a floor that is always clean and seems to be new...


Some water and soap, and that's all! 

Our floors are immune to stains, so no special cleaning is required (no sanding, dry polishing, etc.). Nothing could be simpler. To quickly and easily remove dust, use a broom or vacuum cleaner. When it comes to cleaning, soapy water will more than do the job.

What about stubborn stains? 

If there happens to be some stubborn stains, remove them by wiping with a well-wrung damp mop and some neutral detergent. Note that acetone and chlorinated solvents should not be used, since they dissolve PVC.

Be careful of heat sources! 

Remember that this is a PVC floor, so watch out for ash from an ashtray, fireplace or stove that could burn your floor.

Your PVC floor is not a parquet floor 

Although our designs perfectly imitate parquet floors, the materials used in our floor coverings are completely different. To keep your floor covering looking as pristine as the day it was bought, do not use any wax or oil. Just follow the standard cleaning methods explained above. 


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